Financial Institutions

Companies in the financial sector are currently in focus of more and more professional organized cyber criminals.

The effective protection of utmost sensitive client information with at the same time increasing data volume and without simultaneous loss of efficiency of processing the information and data communication is a key challenge for every company in the financial sector.


  • Increasing Third-Party Risk

The use of sensitive company data through different parties, internal employees, external financial advisors etc holds increased risk for privacy and possible unwanted data loss.

  • Increased compliance requirements

Introduction of an information security management system based on ISO/IEC 27001- Norm for following legal specifications and internal compliance requirements.

  • Growing number of mobile devices

The vastly growing spread of mobile devices increases the risk potential for data theft and cyber-attacks tremendously and therefore require an endpoint oriented security concept.

  • Distinct increase of cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks of organized criminal groups, hackers, activists or even through your own employees especially for companies in the financial sector grow exponential.

The DriveLock Software offers a reliable, affordable and efficient base protection against data loss and cybercrimes.

Due to its modular set up it can be customized to the respective company situation.
Protected devices can be accessed through authorized devices and interfaces (e.g. company own WiFi Network or authorized USB Drives) as well as through authorized applications (possibly unrecognized Trojans will be blocked) thanks to the Device Control. Furthermore, by using the Forensic functions you can gapless identify and clarify unwanted data leakage by obeying privacy policies

DriveLock for Public Institutions

Your need is best serviced by the following Features:

Security Education
Device Control
Application Control
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