IT Safety Act

The IT Safety Act proclaims that practitioners of critical infrastructure should secure their organization from external hacker attacks and that these should be reported directly to the German Ministry of Security Information.

Liable to this act are all organizations whose IT availability is linked to society. Such organizations include but are not limited to the energy, transport and traffic, IT and telecommunications, finance and insurance as well as healt and food and beverage industries.

Goal of the IT Security law is to develop sustainable solutions as well as exploring new approaches to increase IT Security.

There, next to security, aspects like practicality, usability and cost efficiency have to be considered. There the basis of the sought solutions should be applicable for small operators of critical infrastructures as well as being compatible with data protection. This is exactly what happened with DriveLock from DriveLock SE. DriveLock not only is cost efficient and convinces through intuitive handling but through the granular usable modules the up to date software can be implemented for companies with 10 to 100,000 users.

DriveLock for the IT Safety Act

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Device Control
Thin Client
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