Public Institutions

At least since the effectiveness of the IT Security law, cyber security is top priority in the public domain

Aged security tools, insufficient passwords, lack of encryption software – again and again there is doubt if authorities are sufficiently protected from cyber-attacks. In 2015 alone the amount of cyber-attacks in this area increased by 137% compared to the previous year and even though the first protection tries have happened a holistically solution “Made in Germany” without Backdoor (and therefore protecting from foreign espionage attacks) is needed.


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City of Kempten

DriveLock offers your agency an all-round IT Protection and fulfills all requirements of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG)

Furthermore DriveLocks allows to automate compliance processes according to the requirements of ISO 27001 and the IT Security law for critical Infrastructure (KRITIS). With the DriveLock Forensic Function you can create individual White- and Black- list rules, that offer the possibility to administrate privileged rights on data drives and storage devices.

DriveLock assists you with…

  • the completion of the ISO 27001 privacy certification
  • avoiding the download of unsecured applications
  • the control of all interfaces in your IT Area
  • the recognition of connections between security incidents
  • the specifying who is allowed when to access critical data
  • the avoidance of Zero-Day Exploits

DriveLock for Public Institutions

Your need is best serviced by the following Features:

Security Education
Device Control
Application Control
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