Risk & Compliance Management

No matter which compliance you need to obey, you always have to attest that the rules were followed and which risks you have applied.

To weigh the risks between risk, security and compliance is a challenge every company has to face. Compliance is the entirety of all organizational oversights-, trainings and control measures of the management body including the implementation of a reporting and documentation workflow that should avoid the violation of laws rules and regulations.


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No matter if internal hard drives, external data storage devices or data in the cloud, sensitive company information has to be encrypted. The Ponemon institute analyzed in 277 companies worldwide the consequences of data loss. There it was detected, that 36% of the incidents analyzed were caused negligently by employees. Analysts estimate that employees don’t even realize when they act hazardous.

-Ponemon Institute

Each enterprise policy and compliance policy can be mapped to DriveLock.

DriveLock actively supports you through timed security campaigns, increasing employee security. Security gaps caused by unintentional action are stifled with DriveLock in the bud. In addition, the risk of a security incident is reduced as well as the administration and support costs. With DriveLock, you are able to train the safety awareness continuously and thus sustainably: fully automated and simple, without any big configuration effort. DriveLock helps you master and reduce your IT risks.

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