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Since the merger of the RZW and VDG in 1993, the ARZ with its two locations in Innsbruck and Vienna, has become a well- known center of excellence for IT services in the banking sector, hospitals and public administration in Austria. By expanding its client base, particularly in the banking sector and through the introduction of new products, the company now employs nearly 500 people and is an IT partner to around 70 banks as well as the Tiroler Landeskrankenhaus GmbH (Tyrolean State Hospital) and the Tyrolean provincial government.

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Das sagen unsere Kunden
über DriveLock

With DriveLock, we are able to efficiently meet the diverse security requirements of our customers. We offer all involved parties the maximum degree of security and have the greatest possible flexibility at our disposal regarding the restrictions – and DriveLock would definitely be our choice again.

-Klemens Jäger, PC Infrastructure Management

The Problem

The steady increase in the various types of external devices sparked the need for a flexible IT security software which can incrementally enable / block external IT peripherals.

A security tool which had been in use within the company since 2001, proved to be inadequate in providing this additional functionality. A new solution was required which could be individually customized to the various requirements. A major requirement was the need to recognise and control devices based on the model and manufacturer.

The Solution

DriveLock from DriveLock SE offers unparalleled depth in granularity regarding the scope functionality. These fine-tuning functions are a necessary prerequisite to be able to optimally satisfy the needs of the various ARZ customers.

After researching the products available on the market, it was decided at ARZ to perform a detailed examination of a few selected products that appeared to be suitable.The result of this evaluation – and a subsequent proof of concept – clearly demonstrated that DriveLock was the superior product. Among the reasons for choosing DriveLock was the fact that it doesn‘t require any additional software or hardware to function. Since DriveLock operates centralized within the Windows Active Directory, additional administration is not necessary.Through the available add- ons, DriveLock can be modified to react to current requirements as well as temporary exceptions.

The Result

Of particular importance to ARZ, was the stable and reliable provision of data security. Structural changes to the IT environment can be accommodated without any problems. New settings and configurations can be simulated in an offline mode and tested before they are activated for all devices on the network.

A nice side-effect of using DriveLock is the heightened awareness of employees regarding IT security. If the limitations experienced by the user are justified and understood, this often triggers a „wow effect“.The rollout was performed smoothly and within the estimated time frame. The installation was carried out on all the respective systems (using the company‘s own software distribution standards) within two months. Parallel to that, the training and instruction of the service staff was also performed. To date, DriveLock has been running successfully for several years in normal operation..

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