City of Kempten

Kempten, the city located next to the river Iller, is situated in the south of Germany at the foot of the Alps. The neighboring countries of Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein are only a short car drive away. The city is ideally located for day-trips to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Basilica Ottobeuren, the Bodensee or Hohenschwangau.

Industry: Local Government

The Problem

The challenges of a public organization are manifold: the employees are subject to guidelines set forth by the compliance officer of the state of Bavaria. Henceforth it has been an endeavor of the municipality to take precautions against the looming threat that cybersecurity inevitably poses.

For the administration of the USB-flash drives and ports, the city of Kempten originally had another solution implemented. Aiming to secure personal data files and critical business data, the search was set to find a solution which could master the challenges of the increase of mobile devices, administer these centrally and seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure (Active Directory).

The Solution

DriveLock is the only solution which can be centrally managed and steered via Microsoft Active Directory.

The access to devices can be granted or denied depending on the guidelines set forth by the IT Admin. Support was given by experiences IT personell who managed to deploy the software swiftly and easily. Already since the screening phase, DriveLock was able to excel with short time lags between installation and roll-out and a high degree of individualisation. Following a short test-phase, the security solution was deployed onto the IT ecosystem and was running without any disturbances whatsoever. The homogenous character of the public organizations IT where cared for and apprehended in the DriveLock solution. A short introduction of the product to the IT Administrator was sufficient to convince him of the products superiority.

The Result

In only a short few days, DriveLock was rolled-out to 770 work stations. Especially the convincing support has since given the administrators the capabilities to optimize their security environement.

Through the implementation of DriveLock, the city of Kempten was able to safely store and administer sensible personal data was well as business data – with minimal personal and material input. Having prevented illegal data flow and other external security threats, the municipality is now protected against severe financial and image threatening risks.

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