Concentrated Know-how against attackers

IT Systems are constantly changing. This is when vulnerabilities are created, that are being targeted and exploited by hackers. Small and mid-size companies are especially vulnerable due to a lack of resources to deal with the latest day to day attack vectors. This is where you can rely on DriveLock Websecurity. The solution protects your users everywhere- no matter if within the company network behind a firewall, or on the go in an unsecured Hotel wireless network. With the URL Protection you can block connections to phishing or other criminal websites and prevent attacks as well as the loss of passwords, authentication information or sensitive documents.

Threats in view with the CYREN GlobalView Cloud

DriveLock Websecurity, powered by CYREN, works for you 24/7. The core of the solution is the CYREN GlobalView Cloud which is processing more than 13 Billion transactions a day. This way it protects more than 550 Million users in 190 countries from threats of the internet. As early as a few seconds after the occurrence the attack is recognized and the terminal devices are protected in real-time. With the URL Protection of DriveLock WebSecurity you can block connections to Phishing or other criminal websites and prevent the attack or even the loss of passwords, access information or sensitive documents. The solution works with 64 URL categories, which are easily adjustable to your companies need through Black and White listing, to accomplish this. The settings for these can be easily adjusted through the DriveLock Management console within minutes. The centralized reporting allows for an easy administration.


  • Optimal Data Security and Compliance
  • Categorization of URLs in CYREN Data Centers (worldwide)
  • URL-Protection: Location- and Network independent protection in Real- Time
  • Fast system – User sees no delays
  • Easy to manage through the DriveLock Management Console
  • Detailed reporting, provides overview of fended off threats
  • Use of industry leading web filter functionalities
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